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 Hi there!  Welcome to my little writing corner.

I’m Helen Ross, a Brisbane (Australia) based writer/poet and children’s author.

Welcome to my NaNoWriMo diary blog. This blog describes my 2009  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) experience, and the insanity of it all.

To find out more information on me, please visit my regular blog: http://misshelenwrites.wordpress.com and click on the ABOUT tab.

So please place http://misshelenwrites.wordpress.com   to your blog roll. You never know, I may have something interesting to say from time to time.

So tucked cosily away in my study, I blog about my writing journey (the good, the bad, and the ugly!), and any related writing issues.  Sometimes I might include a poem or two.  You just never know – the topics are very diverse.  The stories, articles or entries (whatever you’d like to call them) reflect what I am experiencing or thinking about at the time, in relation to my journey as a poet/writer.  But I would never profess to know how to teach anyone to write, so that is one thing I won’t be doing on my blog.  So come with me on my journey. 

Spread your wings

Surrender your fears

And fly.

(Helen Ross 2009)

But, sometimes I do feel I need a parachute.

For my biography please visit http://misshelenwrites.wordpress.com


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